Two struggling rural schools turned around

Pirang is a small town of about 15,000 people with an agriculture-based economy. It has 2 community nursery schools: Pirang Nursery School and the Good Shepherd Nursery School.

In Mar 2021 GSS completely restored and turned around the Pirang NS and a year later in Mar 2022 GSS did the same at the Good Shepherd NS.

Both schools had been abandoned by their sponsors some years previously and were in decline.

Pirang Nursery School (now 186 pupils)

Two of the 6 classrooms were unusable and the roofs of the rest needed replacing. Poor water supply. Teachers unpaid and morale poor.

In Jan 2021 GSS agreed with MoBSE and the local community to assist the school. Following restoration and re-equipping, the school re-opened in April 2021. GSS brought in EOG a German charity who installed a solar borehole to provide fresh water.

Cost £10,000 for restoration and equipping. £5,000 for the solar borehole.


Good Shepherd Nursery School (now 125 pupils)

The 3 classroom block was in disrepair with its roof needing replacing. A large storeroom had virtually collapsed. The teachers at this school had not been paid properly, their morale low and enrolment had plummeted.

In March 2022 GSS completely restored and re-equipped the school and provided back pay for the staff. We set up a new Year 1 class by converting the storeroom. Also, we created a new accommodation block for teachers needing lodgings.

Cost £15,500 for restoration and re-equipping.


Position today

Both schools have greatly increased their enrolment, the teacher’s skills have improved and both are going from strength to strength.

GSS is now providing long term assistance at an annual cost of between £5,000/6,000 per school (2023-24).

UK charity Rising Brook Baptist Church funds a food program at both schools ensuring every child starts the day with a bowl of porridge.