Rescuing a failing community nursery school

On 27 July 2022 GSS agreed with the MoBSE Region 2 Directorate and the local community to restore and turn around the Santo Su Nursery School in Brufut.


The school had been abandoned by its sponsors in 2017 and all the qualified teachers had left.

The buildings had fallen into disrepair with 3 classrooms unusable and toilets broken. The school was essentially bankrupt with the water cut off. Only 2 unqualified teachers remained with under 30 pupils. It was on the point of collapse.

GSS’s intervention

Though GSS had to wait 2 years for the community to sort out a land ownership issue, it took only 2 months to virtually rebuild the crumbling classrooms and toilet block, completely re-equip with furniture and teaching materials and recruit new teachers/Head Teacher.

Pupil enrolment quadrupled to 112 for the 2022-23 academic year and then to 147 for 2023-24.

Today the school is thriving with a highly motivated all female teaching staff whose skills are improving rapidly.