Gambia School Support (GSS) currently assists 11 nursery schools (3-7 years) with 1,620 pupils, 46 qualified teachers and 13 trainees. 

To receive GSS assistance, the schools must adhere to best practices:

  • class size max 35 pupils, each taught by a qualified teacher;
  • safeguarding policies properly implemented;
  • attend the GSS funded teacher training and development program;
  • work with our ‘on the job’ coaching and inspection/monitoring team;
  • demonstrate good accounting, administration and governance.

In return GSS pays for and ensures:

  • well maintained and equipped buildings, toilets and classrooms;
  • full supplies of teaching materials, educational toys and playground equipment;
  • contributes 80% of the cost of paying the staff’s remuneration.

The GSS project is implemented by an organisation we helped to set up in 2018. It is staffed by tried and tested team of locals with expertise in education, construction, finance and administration. It is well led and has demonstrated that it is an effective service provider, capable of delivering GSS’s projects to a high standard.

Gambia School Support - in the classroom

Why support GSS? Here are six good reasons:

1. The Gambia is one of the World’s poorest countries (174 of 189 UN Human Development Index).

2. There is a chronic under provision of pre-school places (54%) and most of the schools are poor quality. (UNICEF 2018). This means they start behind.  “Starting behind in the early years means staying behind” – quote from the 2019 OECD paper on Early Learning.

3. GSS’s approach is backed by the latest research from UNESCO/UNICEF/IIEP and to receive GSS support the schools must follow best practices on class sizes, facilities, safeguarding and teaching methods

4. GSS operates one of the most advanced teacher training programs in The Gambia through workshops and ‘on the job’ coaching. The program is backed up by a team of 4 trained coach/inspectors who visit the schools regularly.

5. GSS recognises the importance of building partnering arrangements with charities with complimentary aims and particularly working closely with the Ministry of Basic & Secondary Education (MoBSE).

6. GSS has no overheads, every penny is spent in The Gambia. GSS is lean, efficient and ambitious. We have built a platform from which we intend to scale the project and make a significant contribution to ECD provision in The Gambia.